3D Scan

Our team, including topographers and draughtsmen REVIT and AUTOCAD and 3DS max, offers a 3D HIGH DEFINITION statement in LASERGRAMMETRY

Retail Design

We design and produce complete sales areas, including furniture, for your company. From the pre-project to the final realisation or by post.

Interior design

Private arrangements of living rooms (kitchen, family room, bedrooms, etc.). We integrate your “art of living” in a beautiful and comfortable space, which looks like you.

Object Design

Design, development and realisation of YOUR furniture and objects. We address both individuals and original furniture editors.

We design your wishes


Design office specialising in the development, design and production of interiors, furniture and commercial spaces since 1992

Our FORCE, a great team!

Developers – Designers – 2D/3D technical draughtsmen – Devisers – Production and implementation coordinators.


A service à la carte

Consultancy and creation of media and a commercial universe

Book of proposals according to your charter, your philosophy or from new ideas, displays, specific furniture, store layout, stands, etc.

Detailed and complete plans for furniture manufacturing

Private or corporate projects.

3D scanning, building and environment surveys

Renovation projects, heritage conservation, “as built” plans, building permits, etc.

Member of the Association of Interior Architects of Belgium.

You are…

A company wishing to reposition or strengthen its sales concept.
A researcher of new profitable and feasible ideas (3D images, a presentation file, concretisation…)
A manufacturer wishing to add the occasional or regular help from a design office.
An operational team working to improve its efficiency in the field through detailed technical plans
A bidder seeking to avoid financial surprises from his suppliers and partners
A sales department or marketing company that delegates coordination, manufacture of furniture and space development.
An architect or an engineer wishing to have a building survey of high precision.
An individual wanting to rearrange his interior with the help of a professional who takes care of everything for you.

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