Design Retail


Design Retail

Design office specialising in the development, design and production of interiors, furniture and commercial spaces since 1992

Our FORCE, a great team!

Developers – Designers – 2D/3D technical draughtsmen – Devisers – Production and implementation coordinators.


We offer:

• A strong visual identity where atmosphere and sale comfort prevail
• A privileged interface between the customer’s needs or impulses and the shopping pleasure related to your brand
• An intelligent symbiosis between technical, aesthetic, financial aspect and logistics
• Concrete tools for your employees: Presentation and manufacturing plans, follow-up, request for proposal file, advice throughout the project’s progress


• Research in ergonomics, simulation, economy of materials, comfort of circulation, innovative solutions, etc.
• 3D modelling for better representation of space and efficient and consistent design
• Design or respect of a charter (shapes, colours, materials)
• Collaborating with your team or professionals of your choice

Our achievements

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