Portfolio Category: Design Retail

VOO Display

« Voo » Promotional display stand for Voo programmes Module with integrated TV screen and promotional packs. Contact-us

Wines Pommerloch

« Wine » section, Pommerloch Client : Delhaize Luxembourg A display section for exceptional wines created and integrated in the heart of the « Wine » department • Cellar space designed with perfectly...

Delhaize display stall

« Fruit and vegetable  » display stall – Delhaize supermarkets • The wood set expresses a more natural and attractive message, far from an aggressive advertising approach.• Offer functional utility: the...

Cooling table Delhaize

Cooling table « Fruit and vegetables » – Delhaize supermarkets • Functional requirements: centre island display consisting of a colling base and movable metallic tables that can be manoeuvred ou handeld ???...




Hospitality tray for teapot and tea bags Customer: DLHV – Hotel Equipment Provider Range of bamboo trays Contact-us

Wine display stands Delhaize

New Wine display stands – Delhaize supermarkets • New wine space featuring the entire “classic” range of Delhaize wines.• Light design using metal and wood• Cellar feel: white-brick backs on...

Delhaize Bread & Pastries

« Bread & Pastries » cabinet – Delhaize supermarkets • Create a new environment for the client that puts the focus on excellence and an extensive product range.• Convey the passion and...


Display table « Experiences » – Media markt • Display table for applications and media hardware • In cooperation with Akasha Europe Project for the manufacturing drawing and roll-out to production...


INTERMARCHÉ SUPERMARKETS • Wine space featuring the entire “classic” range of Intermarché wines.• Warm design in wood; feel of a cellar. Emphasis on know-how.• Sturdy and functional metal structure clad...

Impuls Wine

« Impuls » Wine display stand – Delhaize supermarkets Feature display stand showcasing the range of wines, conducive to purchases by the boxload (bottles and boxes of 6 bottles) Contact-us

Impuls Bakery

« Impuls » Boulangerie – Delhaize Contact-us


Delhaize A comprehensive design that pairs technical art with aesthetic appeal, resulting in : • Standout in-store bakery, meat and fish counters. The sets are demarcated by an atmosphere that...


Delhaize Integration of the new Delhaize concept Contactez-nous


STAND CHIMAY « Beer and cheese » 1) Stands and table d’hôte Customer: Chimay • Highlighting the quality of products, with respect for a “local product – campaign” image • Functional...

Case Logic

« Case Logic » Display stand for computer bags and appliances Targeted visuals give purchasers an at-a-glance understanding of the intended uses of the entire range of bags. The display can be...


« Bruce » Men’s jewellery display Solid wood countertop display with a range of interchangeable items in the centrepiece. Projects an image of quality, luxury, distinction. Contact-us

Bob Marley

« Bob Marley » Dock station and headphones Movable music accessories panel display that can be dismantled. The design appeals to the target age customers. Rauw metal finish Contact-us

Trolley shelters

Smoking shelters and trolley shelters Client: Delhaize supermarketsWood and metal frames clad in transparent polycarbonate panels.
Friendly and functional style, for supermarket car parks Contact-us

Privacy Preference Center